Number 11 on my birthday every year

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All of this said, female birthdays still weren't celebrated until around the 12th century. Christians initially considered birthdays to be a pagan ritual.

Due to its belief that humans are born with "original sin" and the fact that early birthdays were tied to "pagan" gods, the Christian Church considered birthday celebrations evil for the first few hundred years of its existence.

Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33: The Ultimate Guide (AUDIOBOOK)

Around the 4th century, Christians changed their minds and began to celebrate the birthday of Jesus as the holiday of Christmas. This new celebration was accepted into the church partly in hopes of recruiting those already celebrating the Roman holiday of Saturnalia.

Contemporary birthday cakes were invented by German bakers. Although the general idea of celebrating birthdays had already started taking off around the world -- like in China , where a child's first birthday was specifically honored -- Kinderfeste , which came out of late 18th century Germany, is the closest prerequisite to the contemporary birthday party.

This celebration was held for German children, or "kinder," and involved both birthday cake and candles.

A (semi-retired) digital sketchpad for data stories, by Matt Stiles.

Kids got one candle for each year they'd been alive, plus another to symbolize the hope of living for at least one more year. Blowing out the candles and making a wish was also a part of these celebrations. The Industrial Revolution brought delicious cakes to the masses.

For quite some time, birthday celebrations involving sugary cakes were only available to the very wealthy, as the necessary ingredients were considered a luxury. But the industrial revolution allowed celebrations like kinderfest and the subsequent equivalents in other cultures to proliferate.

Not only did the required ingredients become more abundant, but bakeries also started offering pre-made cakes at lower prices due to advances in mass production, such as the scene above capturing workers of one of the many Cadby Hall bakeries of the late 19th century. In , Patty Hill and Mildred J.

Hill wrote a song they called, "Good Morning To All," which was intended to be sung by students before classes began.

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  • The song eventually caught on across America, giving rise to a number of variations. Robert Coleman eventually published a songbook in , adding a few extra lyrics that would quickly come to overshadow the original lines.

    The new rendition became the version we now all know , "Happy Birthday To You. First off, nobody attributed this quote to Marie Antoinette until about 50 years after her death, when French critic and journalist Alphonse Karr claimed Antoinette had said the phrase, but essentially only sourced rumors.

    Despite Karr's theory, the phrase "let them eat cake" actually first appeared in Jean-Jacques Rousseau's autobiography, "The Confessions. He then muses, "Finally I recalled the stopgap solution of a great princess who was told that the peasants had no bread, and who responded: Antoinette was actually just a little girl when Rousseau's work was written.

    While it's possible that she had read Rousseau's line and was quoting it in the infamous moment and therefore not making a tone deaf remark about poverty , Antoinette biographer Lady Antonia Fraser, disapproves of this theory.

    It has more occurrences on a Friday and less occurrences on a Saturday compared to the other days of the week. Because of other studies showing that weekend birthdays are less common than weekday ones, we can conclude that the lowered frequency of weekend dates for the days April 4, 11, and 18 are causing a spike.

    How Common is Your Birthday? This Visualization Might Surprise You

    In order to have unbiased data you need a sample size of a year span e. My birthday is the rarest by far. Interesting seeing the slump around Christmas.

    I wonder if Christmas babies were as rare in the past as they are now? Is that controlled for somewhere to normalize that date against the others? Far fewer people are born on February 29 than on any other date, so I presume some kind of statistical adjustment has been made.

    I always tell people that I almost never meet anyone who shares my birthday, November I should either 1 exclude it or 2 do a weighted average. Thanks for prompting me to check it out. Weighted average gets my vote, excluding it seems a bit harsh for those people born on those days. I also notice the 13th of every month is low.

    I always thought your birthday was just whatever day it was but it seems there is way more control than I thought. Some women offered dates for planned c-section may be less likely to choose the 13th of the month, or Friday the 13th.

    Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math

    As for the increase in births starts in June July time. I wonder if there is a corresponding increase in prescriptions of antibiotics in the Autumn and start of Winter?

    It would be interesting to see the graphic split for planned c-sections, and another for all other births vaginal delivery, emergency c-section, any induction.

    Something else that might be interesting to know — is there a time of year where it is more likely for IVF embryos to be transferred back and similar other fertility treatment to be carried out? Being under consultant care it is more likely babies will be born by c-section. I was born on April 1, but it was in , so if they could calculate the birthdays from , that would be great.

    Who Shares Your Birthday?

    Yes, this is surprising, because with my friends group we hate november because 12 of them of 28 born on those dates.

    I have thought for some time that low birth rates for major holidays are due to lack of elective c sections. I think doctors and hospital staff would be difficult to arrange for Christmas day, Christmas eve, New year day, independence day.

    Would be nice to see the same data set charted to moon phase. And to see if similar trends hold true in other countries. Maybe it is an American quirk to abstain from birth during festive occasions.

    Great work here and what interesting insights we can get from looking at the data this way. Any plans to expand to include earlier decades? I wonder how different this map is for firstborn vs others. The ability to control delivery — for the benefit of the physician as well as the parents — has to account for some of the weirder anomalies.

    The Birthday Number

    Obviously babies are being pushed off holidays and being done early induction or later C-sections regardless of the conception date no one plans that well! The dearth of births on all of the 13ths of the months is bizarre.

    Is triskaidekaphobia actually that strong? Low birth rates on the days around the fourth of july and Christmas and New Years days. This probably reflects low rates of caesarean sections or the preference of obstetricians NOT to operate on those days they have the day off. This also points to the fact that many caesareans are NOT a medical necessity at the time they are performed.