Horoscop scorpio 1 february 2019

Scorpio Horoscope announces fabulous changes for Scorpio! With planets continuously in Taurus from February until June can bring the most If you are investing money in this time around April and May are not the time for.
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This year, you will get the fruits and benefits of your hard work, and your efforts at work, thus will be considered.

Areas of Expansion in 2019 for Scorpio:

You will be admired, praised and respected for your work which will motivate you to give accomplish more, as is evident from your Scorpio career horoscope. For businessmen, you will get varied opportunities to expand your business with new incoming clients and new ideas to implement.

So, your career graph will see an affirmed change that will boost your confidence. Scorpio in , will thank their lucky stars and feel very satisfied with the results and outcomes that they will receive.

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For example, all your hurdles related to your ancestral property will be resolved and settled, that will remove a lot of your burden from your head.

Furthermore, any court cases and legal trails will be fixed which will take away a lot of your stress and save your time, spent on the trails. As per the Scorpio predictions, it is highly advised to take care of your health by maintaining a proper diet and performing Yoga every day.

It is also recommended that you meditate every day to relief yourself from all the pressure that you may experience due to overload of work.

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  • 2019 Scorpio Horoscope: Your Hard Work In Profession Will Yield Results;

You may become tired, drained and feel discomfortable because of the extra work, and thus practicing Yoga and working on your health will free you from all the obligations. Lastly, you may have some trouble in your relationship status with your friends and family members who are elder to you, as is predicted from your Scorpio horoscope, so be careful and cautious.

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You got a taste of it last year, but this year on Mar 6, Uranus enters Taurus for good.

Scorpio Horoscope 2019

Now, Uranus in Taurus should hopefully be a slightly more mellow affair than Uranus in Aries, since electric Uranus does not need any more heat from a fire sign. Instead, Taurus, slows down the pace.

So what you will get with Uranus in Taurus is a roller coaster, in slow motion. How do you like hanging upside down for extended periods? Make sure you are strapped in tightly in One exciting and romantic day for Scorpio will certainly be Venus conjunct Uranus in your house of marriage, and if your descendant is there either you will make-up or break-up.

Whatever happens Venus conjunct Uranus is a change for the better in your love life. The Jan 21 lunar eclipse will focus on your status in the world for the next 3 months.

Scorpio Horoscope 2019 for Personal Life: You May Undertake Pilgrimage

Your role in your career is up for a revamp, maybe you are promoted or if you work for yourself you could attract a lucrative new client.

Saturn continues to keep things steady and comfortable in your learning zone, but you might find your neighbourhood has become a bit of a bore.

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  • Scorpio February 2019.

Jupiter, however, is growing cash-seeds in your financial sector so you should have plenty of opportunities to escape the dullness and get some adventure abroad or in other localities.

For your Scorpio Horoscope , Ceres keeps Jupiter company in your bank zone. This further boosts the chance of those Ceres seeds blossoming into large wads of notes.

Scorpio Horoscope Preview

The best chance for a windfall is likely to come when Ceres is conjunct Jupiter on Oct 26 so this could be when investments pay out. It could equally be a day when your splurge out too, just make sure it is on something sensible that will grow in value.

Lilith is acting up in your domestic zone, this can be quite difficult to handle has the dark goddess hates to be chained to the kitchen sink.

So it looks like quite a saucy year ahead for you Scorpio where you might find it hard to keep focused with all those tempting distractions.

So then, Saturn in your communication house can make you quite fearful of speaking your mind. This is because your brain is going through a period of restructuring.