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We are already worldwide located in over 114 countries
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Universal Video Electronics Research and Development Headquarter is located in San Francisco , California, Our Distribution Center is settled in New York. Many of our technicians and development engineers are well known in the industries and and come from all over the worldWe are a leading Company in manufactoring professional Audio and Video Products for professional  system design applications since 1998.



Universal Video Electronics is a worldwide leader of high quality standard technologies in manufacturing efficient and competitive computer-video-Interfaces, video-switcher, distribution-amplifier, standard matrix-switcher with 256 channels & broadcast matrix-switcher, twisted-pair , processors and interfaces, broadcast converters, scaler- and scan-converter, presentation and rental-switcher & fx-mixers, fiber optical solutions for extending digital HDTV signals in DVI or HDMI, SDI & HD-SDI, professional cable solutions for noise-free transmitting high resolution video signals. Our products are ready for multimedia applications, system design integration in pc-,video-, audio- signals, professional presentation & rental market, university and seminar applications, digital signage, conference-room applications, security video systems, medical video applications, broadcast and tv-applicatoins, military & industrial applications, etc.



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Thank you for your concern in our product. We will continue repay our customers with more products and higher-level service.


New York

Office: +1 845 263 17 49  ( Sales )

Office:  +1 845 263 18 87  ( Technical Support )





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