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SCX Scale™.technology

With the SCX Scale™ Image technology, every multimedia application becomes easy going and smart handling

switching and scaling each source to every kind of display to its native resolution. Universal Video Electronics provides multiple smart Scalers for Conference and multimedia application. Every Machine comes with RS232 for media room or smart home control integration. There are also optional Output Cards for driving the Digital Output to HDT based™ (HDbaseT) video network applications.


Introducing SCX Scale™.  SCX-logo

SCX™ Image Scaling and switching to connect a high-resolution display, uncompressed quality video, and super stable signal transmission of Digital TMDS Output using HDMI AEX X-Active™ cables. With the SCX™ -Scalers, that dream is now a reality.






The SCX-724XL is the smartest multimedia and ultra compact conference scaler which meets all needs of taking every source like VGA. HDMI, DVI, Displayport, YUV, Y/C, CV and stereo Audio to scaled VGA and HDMI Output. It also comes with integrated Ethernet Interface to control the device through LAN network, wireless or mobiles. It supports also RS232 connector for integration in state of the art control systems like ZEN-Control™.

  • Massive bandwidth — 10 Gbps for data (12x FireWire 800) plus 10 Gbps for DisplayPort
  • Daisy-chaining — connect up to six high-speed, high-bandwidth devices


MXP Pro HD Matrix Series

SCX Compact Scalers Now shipping

Scale up your Digital Media

SCX™ Scalers

IPTV Video Transmission Network

HDi IP over Network Management



HDMI over Powernetwork

HDMI over Powernetwork


HDMI Powerlink™

HD based Daisy Chain

HDT Daisylink Transmission



HDT Daisylink™ 

Professional HDMI over HD based Daisy Chain Solution 



HDT Daisylink™

HDMI Self DIY Connectors

HDMI Self DIY Connectors


HDMI Self™ Connectors

Fiber Optical Transmission

Extend Digital Video over hundreds meters


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This is the best fiber transmission solutin the world

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HDX Fibre™

Hum & Ground Loop Isolators

Kill the hum - use GLi Isolation

hum isolation

GL Broadcast Hum Isolators


MI Media Control Systems






Media Room Control Solutions

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