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EDID Clone™ technology

With the blazing features of EDID Clone™ Programming technology, the EDID Clone™ interfaces turns your EDID -equipped System, Monitors, Matrices or Routers into a smart handling fixed operational DATA TOOL for communication with each source to emulate EDID Channel easiest you need.


Introducing EDID Clone™ WIFI.

EDID Clone™ WIFI is the next-generation high-speed Wifi programmable EDID Tool technology that supports programming your EDID system data from every Wifi device such as laptop, tablets or mobil phone app. It sets new standards for speed, flexibility, and simplicity.



Imagine being able to connect a high-resolution display, uncompressed broadcast quality video I/O, and super high-speed storage to your Apple MacBook Pro, using a few Thunderbolt cables. With the HDX-SDI, that dream is now a reality.

Thunderbolt cable

Thunderbolt is the fastest, most versatile I/O format ever devised. It offers:

  • Massive bandwidth — 10 Gbps for data (12x FireWire 800) plus 10 Gbps for DisplayPort
  • Daisy-chaining — connect up to six high-speed, high-bandwidth devices
  • Bidirectional performance — massive input and output for your computer
  • Bus power — 10 watts of bus power to drive connected peripherals
  • Flexible connectivity — electrical or optical Thunderbolt cables with lengths up to 30 meters
Learn more about Thunderbolt technology. Visit »

The ultimate Thunderbolt video interface

Connect any video source to the HDX-SDI, from SD camcorders to today’s latest professional HD cameras, then log and capture HD or SD clips directly into your video editing software.

Full Raster

For the best-possible image quality, capture uncompressed video via HD-SDI or HDMI with 4:2:2 10-bit color depth and full-raster 1920x1080 HD resolution. Many cameras feed their uncompressed SDI, HDMI or component output directly from the camera’s optics and imager, before compression, for absolutely pristine picture quality during capture with the HDX-SDI.

Go ahead, choose your workflow

If you prefer to edit more conveniently at a lower data rate, use Apple ProRes, ProRes HQ, Avid DNxHD, or the codec of your choice in Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere Pro. Because the HDX-SDI delivers 10-bit uncompressed video to the computer, you are not limited to a particular codec and are instead free to go with the host-based workflow of your choice, including many popular file-based formats now supported by today’s video editing software.

By using a codec directly supported by your editing software, you eliminate unnecessary extra stages of compression and decompression for maximum CPU efficiency and smooth editing.

As you edit, monitor your timeline with pixel-for-pixel accuracy on a large plasma screen via digital HDMI output, with color-corrected balance on an LCD reference monitor via HD-SDI output, or with the real-world look of a consumer display via analog HD or SD component, composite or S-Video output.

Putting the Audio back in AV

Capture and monitor up to 16 channels of audio (analog, AES/EBU or embedded) at sample rates up to 96 kHz. Employ Sony 9-pin machine control for advanced Batch Capture and Edit to Tape operations. Keep everything frame-accurate using time code and video reference.

Audio I/O

From initial capture to final finishing, the HDX-SDI delivers exceptional video I/O performance and quality.


MXP Pro HD Matrix Series

SCX Compact Scalers Now shipping

Scale up your Digital Media

SCX™ Scalers

IPTV Video Transmission Network

HDi IP over Network Management



HDMI over Powernetwork

HDMI over Powernetwork


HDMI Powerlink™

HD based Daisy Chain

HDT Daisylink Transmission



HDT Daisylink™ 

Professional HDMI over HD based Daisy Chain Solution 



HDT Daisylink™

HDMI Self DIY Connectors

HDMI Self DIY Connectors


HDMI Self™ Connectors

Fiber Optical Transmission

Extend Digital Video over hundreds meters


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HDX Fibre™

Hum & Ground Loop Isolators

Kill the hum - use GLi Isolation

hum isolation

GL Broadcast Hum Isolators


MI Media Control Systems






Media Room Control Solutions

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